About Africa 6000

Africa 6000 is a subsidiary of WorldServe International, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. The name was derived on behalf of the 6,000 African children who die daily from waterborne disease because they have little or no water, and the water they do have to drink and bathe in is contaminated.

Africa 6000 seeks to restore dignity to people's lives, but even more importantly, save the lives of millions  of people by giving them clean, fresh water to drink.

In their many travels to Africa, Africa 6000 International founders were greatly impacted by the suffering of the children affected by waterborne disease and the great loss many families have to endure because of the number of lives claimed.

The solution - simple! Provide clean water. Thus, the vision of Africa 6000 International was born.  

African Child

Why Water?

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